From the year 1927 to the year 1990, the Borough of Pine Hill was proteected by three segregated fire companies: The Pine Hill Fire Company #1, Eagle Fire Company, and the Amber Terrace Fire Company.  In the year 1986, the exertion and dreams of some firefighters became a reality with the appointment of a Borough Fire Chief to supervise all three companies onto one fire department. Over the four years that followed, the members of the three organization worked together.  In the year 1991, the Pine Hill Fire Company #1 moved into one building with the Eagle Fire Company.  On June 11, 1991 the deeds to all of the fire houses were signed over.  This was the unequivocal creation of the Pine Hill Fire Department.  The Borough of Pine Hill now recognizes one Fire Department which maintains one firehouse now known as the Pine Hill Fire Department.

This station was built in 2004 on the site of the old Eagle Fire Company on Erial Road.  It must not go unoticed that this merge was not compelled upon the firefighters of Pine Hill, but was instead the result of their own work and devotion.



COMMAND 62 (Deputy Chief) – 2015 Ford Expedition

COMMAND 62 (Chief) – 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe

INSPECTIONS (Fire Marshal) – 2018 Ford F-150

ENGINE – 2015 E-One, 1500 GPM pump, 750 gallon water tank, 50  gallon foam tank, 6 man cab

SQUAD 62 – 2012 E-One, 1500 GPM pump, 500 gallon water tank, Hurst hydraulic rescue tools, 6 man cab

LADDER  – 2005 Pierce 95′ aerial 2000 GPM pump, 300 gallon water tank, 6 man cab

ENGINE COMPANY 622 – 1972 Hahn, 1500 GPM pump, 1000 gallon water tank, 4 man cab

BRUSH 62 – 2014 Ford F-350

SUPPORT 62 – 2017 Ford F-250

AMBULANCE 678 – 1997 Horton Ambulance Wagon